a) To provide a forum for research, discussion and exploration of new businesses, educational and investment opportunities in Nigeria and the Americas.

b) To build and operate a database of Nigerians with skills and make such database available to the public and private sectors.

c) To provide educational, scientific and investment advisory services to benefit the public and private sectors in Nigeria

d) To encourage collaboration among Nigerians based on the pressing economic, educational, social and cultural issues facing Nigerians.

e) To encourage research, education and the involvement of business and scientific community, Industry, Government and others in the promotion of business and investment in Nigeria and the Americas.

f) To educate Nigerians and the public at large concerning the business and investment opportunities in Nigeria and the Americas.

g) To enhance the image of Nigeria with a view to promoting business, travel and investment opportunities.

h) To raise and receive funds for the support and enhancement of the purposes stated above.

i) To celebrate the success of Diaspora Nigerians and their contributions to the national economies of their host countries.

j) To seek, encourage and/or leverage the talents of diaspora Nigerians wherever possible.